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At Legacy Seeds, Inc we believe in offering choices to corn silage producers to meet the needs of their dairy or livestock operation. Our RATION CHOICE HYBRID (RCH) system allows you as the producer to choose which silage system works best for your farm. Legacy Seeds corn silage product portfolio gives you the opportunity to choose from high yielding and high forage quality Dual-Purpose varieties (in silage area), highly digestible high energy Brown Mid Rib varieties and high yielding - ration flexible Leafy varieties.


Using Legacy Brand Leafy Hybrids you can get more digestible tonnage per acre than typical dual-purpose hybrids. Leafy hybrids are bred specifically for corn silage production and consistently have higher stalk and leafy digestibility as well.

There are many benefits to using a Leafy hybrid corn silage system: improved dry matter intake, ration flexibility, improved herd health, higher forage yields per acre, superior fiber digestibility.

Leafy varieties can be best utilized in dairy rations where corn silage makes up greater than 60% of the forage diet or in an alfalfa diet where RFQ levels are greater than 160%.


Legacy Brand Brown Mid Rib (BMR) hybrids have been developed to offer you the best way to maximize your milk production. This generation of BMR varieties offers improved agronomics and exceptional nutritional quality.

There are many benefits of using Legacy Brand Brown-Mid-Rib (BMR) varieties in your dairy operation: lower lignin content, higher dry matter intake, highest fiber digestibility, improved milk production of 5-7 lbs per cow per day.






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