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Japanese Millet is an upright annual grass that grows very quickly on good soils. Given good moisture and fertility it can be cut 2-3 times in one summer. Japanese Millet has much finer stems than Pearl Millet or any of the sorghums. When cut before heading, the protein can range from 14-20% and growers report that it is the most palatable of the annual summer forages. It has no potential for Prussic Acid...unlike the sorghums. In a single cut system, it can reach 5 feet tall.
Best suited for hay, pasture, and silage. Makes excellent feed for cattle, horse, and other livestock. As will all grasses, earlier cutting leads to higher quality, lower yields, and more drying time. Cut before heading and leave 6 inches of stubble for faster regrowth.
Drill or broadcast 25-35 lbs/acre 1/2"-1" deep. Culti-pack if possible.

Outstanding choice for grazing, A.L.31 is a gene 6, dwarf-type BMR sorghum sudan with comparable yields to taller stalk varieties. Has twice the leaf material per foot of stalk compared to other BMR varieties. Extremely fast and extensive leaf development for quick canopy. First two nodes (growing point) very close to the ground for better re-growth after cutting. Can be also chopped or baled.
See mid-May -early July 15-30 lbs/acre 1/2"-1 1/2" deep.

Fast-growing annual warm-season grass. Produces tremendous tonnage: usually grows 8'-13' tall. Stalks and leaves are similar in size to corn. Yields have ranged from 4-11 tons/acre dry matter in hot years. Feeding value is 80-90% that of comparable corn silage. Will head out but not produce a seed unless pollinated by another source. Nutrients stay in the leaves and stalk giving you a longer harvest window.
Best suited for silage or green chop. Leave 6" stubble for faster re-growth.
Seed mid-May to early July. Drill, broadcast, or plant 20-30 lbs/acre 1/2"-1" deep.

A fast-growing warm-season annual grass with the structure and general appearance of corn...except the seed head is on the top. Drought tolerant, can reach heights of 8-12' tall. Good option is to interseed this with silage corn. High in sugars, the plants can be crushed to produce sweet sorghum syrup.
Best-adapted to warm, fertile soils. Likes hot weather.
Seed mid-May through early July. Seed 10-20 lbs/acre 1" deep. Can be drilled, broadcast, or planted.

An annual grass with a thick stalk that produces a seed head. Best-suited for forage and game cover. Seed mid-May to early July. Plant, drill, or broadcast 12-20 lbs/acre 1/2"-1" deep.


  • Excellent choice for hay or pasture
  • Thin stemmed and broad leaved for higher forage quality
  • Short maturation requirements make it a great emergency forage


  • Brown midrib gene gives it higher digestibility
  • Excellent choice for hay or pasture
  • Great forage fast with superior drought tolerance


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