Nutrient Use Efficiency
Nutrient Use Efficiency
Row Crop Products
Row Crop Products  02/08/23 2:47:31 PM


AVAIL T5™ uses an all-new patented polymer technology to reduce the fixation of applied phosphorus, keeping more available for plant uptake, speeding early growth, and improving crop health and yield potential.

NUE-Charge G™ allows plants to more efficiently assimilate carbon and utilize nitrogen and other nutrients. The end result is enhanced nutrient use efficiency, leading to more bushels per acre per amount of nutrients applied.

Take Off® LS

Take Off LS™ is a nitrogen utilization and carbon assimilation technology that optimizes efficient plant nutrient acquisition, allowing for more efficient plant development, and better crop quality and yield potential.


MicroSync™ is a micronutrient and sulfur technology designed to improve micronutrient efficiency and soil fertility programs in row crops and vegetables.
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