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  12/15/18 10:00:02 AM

Why do I need Micronutrients?

Balance is critical in plant nutrition. An excess of one nutrient can cause reduced uptake of another. An excess of potassium, for example, may compete with desirable levels of magnesium uptake. In fields with marginal or low zinc levels, a heavy application of phosphorus may induce a zinc deficiency in soil. Excess iron may cause a manganese deficiency, so the proper ratio of manganese to iron must be maintained. The proper balance of micronutrients in the soil is an often overlooked management objective.  Micronutrient products can be economically added to your planter-time fertilizer program to prevent yield robbing deficiencies. Accurate soil testing is a great preventative tool. But, if in season deficiencies are discovered our micros can also effectively be foliar applied .  Justus von Liebig propounded the “Law of the Minimum”. It states that if one of the nutritive elements is deficient or lacking, plant growth will be poor even when all other elements are abundant. A crop will only produce to the potential of the least usable nutrient.




Granular Micronutrients

All-in-one granule for broad use

Row and specialty crops often don't have the sulfur, zinc, manganese or boron they need for optimal performance. MicroSync™ Granular Micronutrients are formulated with Verdesian Polymer Technology to synergize the availability of both secondary and micronutrients for plant uptake in broad acre and specialty crops.

The proprietary Nutripaction® process is used in conjunction with Verdesian polymer technology to create a unique combination of sulfates and sucrates that offer improved nutrient availability and performance, ensuring your crops have micronutrients and sulfur on-demand.

Additionally, these all-in-one granules are designed to be blended with NPK granular fertilizer programs, making them easy to use and apply.



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