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OUR RECOMMENDATIONS:  09/08/21 9:07:07 AM


Herbicide Progam

Pre-Emergence Only: ACURON (3 qts/A) + AMS     Add COC (1 ga/100 gals) if small weeds are starting to emerge

Pre and Post-Emergence: 1/2 rate ACURON (1.5 qts/A) followed by full-rate of HALEX GT (3.6-4.0 pts/A) + POWERHOUSE (1 pint/A)

Post-Emergence Only: ACURON (1.5 qts/A to 2 qts/A) when weeds are less than 3 inches + CORNERSTONE 5 (24 to 36 oz/A) - Add  POWERHOUSE (1 pint/A) if weeds are taller or conditions are dry

Fungicide Program

Apply QUADRIS (6 oz/A) at growth stage V4 - V8 followed by QUILT XCEL (10.5 oz/A) at VT - R1

Insect Management Program

Apply FORCE 3G (4.4 lbs/A standard rate) in-furrow during planting for rootworm and secondary pest control.

Apply WARRIOR II (1 - 2.6 oz/A) for long-residual control of troublesome insects such as corn rootworm beatles and/or corn borer.


Herbicide Program

Pre and Post-Emergence (for Residual Control): BOUNDARY (1.5 pts/A) followed by CORNERSTONE 5  (24 oz/A) + POWERHOUSE (1 pint/A) --- If Waterhemp or Resistant Giant Ragweed are present use FLEXSTAR 3.5 GT (3.5 pint/A) + POWERHOUSE (1 pint/A)  For conventional beans use FLEXSTAR conventional (2 pt/A) + POWERHOUSE (1 pt/A)

Post-Emergence Only: CORNERSTONE 5 (24 oz/A) + POWERHOUSE (1 pint/A) followed by a second pass of CORNERSTONE 5, as needed
Post-Emergence Only: EXTREME (3 pts/A) or FLEXSTAR GT (3 pts/A) up to 4 inch weeds followed by CORNERSTONE 5, as needed

Fungicide Program

Apply QUADRIS (6 oz/A) in a minimum of 15 gals of water during soybean development stages R3 to R4. Proper timing will show the most return on investment.

Insect Management Program

Apply either ENDIGO ZC (2.5-4.5 oz/A) or WARRIOR II (1.28-1.92 oz/A) depending on the pest controlled. The higher rate will also have longer residual control.

NOTE: ENDIGO ZC or WARRIOR II and QUADRIS can be mixed together and applied together.

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