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Endigo® ZC insecticide delivers a highly effective dual mode of action to protect crops against a broad range of key foliar insect pests. Endigo ZC provides fast knockdown and long residual control of economically damaging pests. The formulation is a unique, patented, aqueous-based Zeon® Concentrate that combines the proven performance of lambda-cyhalothrin and thiamethoxam at robust label rates. Endigo ZC can also be used as an effective rotational product in programs for insect resistance management.

Endigo ZC Features
  • Highly effective dual modes of action
  • Robust label rates of two premium performing active ingredients
  • Unique, aqueous based, fast release Zeon Concentrate formulation
  • High load formulation with minimal volatile organic compounds

  • Endigo ZC is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or to residues on blooming crops and weeds. Do not apply or allow it to drift onto blooming plants if bees are foraging in the treated area.


  • An effective rotational product for insect resistance management programs
  • Protects crops against a broad range of key foliar insect pests
  • Convenient, easy to use insecticide with tank mix flexibility
  • Provides fast knockdown and long residual control
  • Can be used as needed from planting to harvest
For more than 20 years, corn growers have placed their trust in Force® 3G, the most effective and consistent soil-applied corn insecticide available. By protecting crops from corn rootworms and early-season pests, Force provides stronger stands, improved yields, and fully-developed roots. It also offers growers a unique class of chemistry, application flexibility and a low use rate. Whether it’s used on traited corn or conventional refuge acres, Force provides the superior root protection growers demand.


  • Top-rated control of troublesome insects including corn rootworms, cutworms, white grubs and wireworms
  • Works on contact and through ingestion to control insects better than any other soil-applied insecticide, while using less product than competitive granulars.
  • Flexibility in application method allows Force to be applied in a t-band or in-furrow on both trait and conventional corn acres
  • Great partner for refuge acre management
Warrior II with Zeon Technology - Insecticide Product & Label Information |  Syngenta US
WARRIOR II INSECTICIDE (with Zeon Technology)
Using a patented quick-release, micro-encapsulated formulation with a powerful UV blocker, Warrior II with Zeon Technology®, a restricted use pesticide, ensures fast knockdown and residual control of the most damaging insects in vegetables, potatoes, soybeans and fruits.
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