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QUADRIS (CORN)              

Quadris® fungicide applied early positions corn for maximum yield at a critical growth stage through preventive disease control, better stress response and increased Plant Performance™.


Quadris® fungicide offers optimal disease control and Plant Performance™, helping soybean growers maximize return on investment. Quadris is a broad-spectrum fungicide whose mode of action is systemic and xylem-mobile.

Quadris Fungicide Outperforms the Competition in Soybean

In this trial conducted at North Carolina State University, Quadris® fungicide yielded 55 bushels per acre, outperforming its competitors.


Say Yes to Higher Yields

Quadris® fungicide provides a solution that helps soybean plants reach their full potential, leading to a potentially higher return at harvest. In trials conducted by Syngenta on growers' fields over the past decade, Quadris raised yields an average of 5-6 bu/A. This graph depicts independent trials listed in order by yield. The results from the trials indicate an 88 percent positive yield response among soybean plants that were sprayed with Quadris.



Quilt Xcel™ fungicide is an elite systemic fungicide containing the Power of Two™ active ingredients providing both curative and longer-lasting preventive disease control and Plant Performance™ to maximize yield and quality.

Excel Past the Competition with Quilt Xcel Fungicide

In the data trial shown here, an application of Quilt Xcel™ fungicide (10.5 oz/A) at R1 outperformed Stratego® fungicide by seven bushels per acre and Headline AMP™ fungicide by two bushels per acre on corn. There was a 13 bushel increase in Quilt Xcel-treated acres when compared against untreated acres.


Quilt Xcel – Formulated for Success

In the data trial shown here, fungicides were applied at tasseling and yields at harvest ranged from 1.5 bu/A less to 15 bu/A greater than the control. The Quilt Xcel™ fungicide treatment outperformed the other treatments by more than $10. The powerful formulation of Quilt Xcel supplies broad-spectrum control of corn diseases and helps maximize harvest efficiency and improve yields through greener plants, improved stalk quality, bigger ears, more kernels and complete ear fill to help maximize return on investment.


Stand Up To Disease with Quadris
and Quilt Xcel Fungicides

In a trial conducted at the University of Wisconsin, Quadris® fungicide (6.0 oz/A) was applied at the V5 growth stage followed by Quilt Xcel™ fungicide (10.5 oz/A) with NIS at the R2 growth stage. Of the corn left untreated, 14.2 percent of the plants developed eyespot and 56.8 percent developed Anthracnose which was more than double the amount of disease present in the plot treated with Quilt Xcel. In addition to providing broad-spectrum disease control, Quadris applied at V5 followed by Quilt Xcel improves standability as demonstrated in the push test conducted in this trial.



Quilt® fungicide combines the Power of Two™ proven brands, delivering complete disease protection and enhanced Plant Performance™ while enabling the crop to reach its full yield potential.

  • Proven premix of Quadris® and Tilt® fungicides
    • Two AIs are better than one
    • Built-in resistance management
  • Protects the plant from the onset of disease (preventive)
  • Can control disease if fungal spores are found on untreated plants (curative)
    • Stops fungal growth and spore germination
  • Activity at all stages of the fungal pathogen (spore germination, mycelial growth and sporulation).
  • Broad-spectrum and long-lasting residual control of yield-robbing diseases
  • Rotation flexibility for use in rice, wheat, soybean and corn

Corn Specific Benefits

  • Combines the Power of Two active ingredients with both curative and preventive activity, which together offer long-lasting, residual control of foliar diseases
  • Enhances Plant Performance through broad-spectrum disease control and influences plant physiology to boost yields 10-15 bushels per acre in Syngenta and on-farm trials
  • Controls diseases such as gray leaf spot, common and southern rust, and northern and southern corn leaf blight
  • Stops fungal growth and spore germination for powerful curative and long residual control
  • Provides resistance management with two different modes of action



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