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Endigo® ZC insecticide delivers a highly effective dual mode of action to protect crops against a broad range of key foliar insect pests. Endigo ZC provides fast knockdown and long residual control of economically damaging pests. The formulation is a unique, patented, aqueous-based Zeon® Concentrate that combines the proven performance of lambda-cyhalothrin and thiamethoxam at robust label rates. Endigo ZC can also be used as an effective rotational product in programs for insect resistance management.

Endigo ZC Features
  • Highly effective dual modes of action
  • Robust label rates of two premium performing active ingredients
  • Unique, aqueous based, fast release Zeon Concentrate formulation
  • High load formulation with minimal volatile organic compounds

  • Endigo ZC is highly toxic to bees exposed to direct treatment or to residues on blooming crops and weeds. Do not apply or allow it to drift onto blooming plants if bees are foraging in the treated area.


  • An effective rotational product for insect resistance management programs
  • Protects crops against a broad range of key foliar insect pests
  • Convenient, easy to use insecticide with tank mix flexibility
  • Provides fast knockdown and long residual control
  • Can be used as needed from planting to harvest

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For more than 20 years, corn growers have placed their trust in Force® 3G, the most effective and consistent soil-applied corn insecticide available. By protecting crops from corn rootworms and early-season pests, Force provides stronger stands, improved yields, and fully-developed roots. It also offers growers a unique class of chemistry, application flexibility and a low use rate. Whether it’s used on traited corn or conventional refuge acres, Force provides the superior root protection growers demand.
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  • Top-rated control of troublesome insects including corn rootworms, cutworms, white grubs and wireworms
  • Works on contact and through ingestion to control insects better than any other soil-applied insecticide, while using less product than competitive granulars.
  • Flexibility in application method allows Force to be applied in a t-band or in-furrow on both trait and conventional corn acres
  • Great partner for refuge acre management

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When seed-applied protection is not available, your best choice is Latitude™.

Superior Performance Over Many Well-Known, Reduced-Rate Insecticides

Protection from Seed Corn Insects with Latitude™
Latitude™ contains Gaucho® insecticide for seed protection from wireworms, white grubs, seed corn maggots, seed corn beetles, flea beetle (up to first true leaf) and imported fire ants. These major seed-feeding insects are naturally occurring in the soil. Know how to identify them, but remember that they are often hard to find until the damage is done. There is no rescue treatment other than expensive replanting.

Protection from Diseases with Latitude™
Seed and seedling diseases of corn are caused by a number of naturally occurring pathogenic fungi. These fungi attack the seed and seedling causing rot or damping-off. Soil fungi are especially problematic in the cool wet soils of early spring planting. Latitude™ contains the systemic fungicide Metalaxyl for protection from Pythium seed rot and damping-off. Latitude™ also contains the systemic fungicide Vitavax®‚ for protection from seed rots, seed decay, and damping-off.

Cropping Practices that Promote Insect and Disease Pressure
Many current cropping practices actually increase insect and disease pressure. While Latitude™ can pay dividends in any cropping environment, certain practices make Latitude™ a must for crop protection.
1. Planting in residue from conservation tillage.
2. Early planting.
3. Continuous corn.
4. Planting in sod ground or CRP acres.

The Latitude™ Solution
Latitude™ protects your seed from both seed insects and disease by locking each kernel in a protective coating of insecticide and fungicide.

Imidacloprid - Latitude™ treatment delivers .16 mg of Imidacloprid per seed (80,000 kernel, 42 lb. bag) for seed protection from Wireworms, Seed Corn Beetles, Seed Corn Maggots, White Grubs, Flea Beetles (Up to first true leaf),
and Imported Fire Ants.

Metalaxyl - Latitude™ treatment delivers 22 ppm of metalaxyl for systemic protection from Pythium seed rot and damping-off.

Vitavax® - Latitude™ treatment delivers 312 ppm of Vitavax‚
for systemic protection against Rhizoctonia and other seed and seedling diseases.

Early Planting Risk
With improved seed varieties corn is being planted earlier than ever. In most years, early planting improves yield potential. But early planting also puts your seed at increased risk from seed feeding insects. Latitude™ was developed to help protect your seed during unexpected cold wet weather after planting.

Planter Compatibility
Latitude™ is formulated to be compatible with all planter types. In vacuum systems, Latitude™ can be used with talc. Since Latitude™ itself is a talc base product, the addition of talc is not usually required. When using talc, always add the seed treatment to the seed first, mix thoroughly, then add the talc.


  • With your valuable investment in today's corn seed, you need the extra protection Latitude™ provides.
  • Superior seed protection from wireworms, white grubs, seed corn maggots, seed corn beetles, flea beetle (up to first true leaf) and imported fire ants, with Gaucho® insecticide.
  • Two Systemic Fungicides. Added protection from Pythium with systemic fungicide Metalaxyl. Vitavax® systemic fungicide is a registered growth stimulant.
  • Excellent seed and crop safety, even under wet and cold stress conditions. Very low odor.
  • Packaged in easy-to-use 1.5-oz. canisters, which treat a 42-lb. bag of seed, or 4-lb. pails.
  • Superior, proven protection. Labeled for field corn, sweet corn and popcorn.


  • White Grubs are 1-2 inches in length, white in color, with
    a C-shaped body, brown head, and three pairs of legs. White grubs attack the plant roots.
  • Flea Beetles are shiny black, very small (Less then 1/16 inches long), more or less rounded, with large hind legs for jumping. Flea beetles feed mainly on leaves. Flea beetles transmit Stewart's Bacterial Wilt to corn.
  • Imported Fire Ants are aggressive, reddish brown to black ants that are 1/8 to 1/4 inches long. Imported Fire Ants feed on seed and seedlings.
  • Wireworms are slender, shiny, cream colored to brown larvae about one-half inch long. Wireworms will completely hollow out a seed, preventing germination.
  • Seed Corn Maggots are yellow to white, round, legless and about 1/4 inch long. Seed corn maggots burrow into the seed, preventing germination or stunting growth.
  • Seed Corn Beetles are small, dark colored beetles that attack seeds, stems and roots.


Active Ingredient: chlorpyrifos

Profile: Lorsban® 15G granular insecticide is the best defense against a variety of insect pests like corn rootworms, lesser cornstalk borer, cutworms, wireworms, white grubs and sugarbeet root maggot. It also inhibits the growth and development of white mold disease.

 NUFOS® 15G INSECTICIDE (generic Lorsban)

WARRIOR INSECTICIDE (with Zeon Technology)

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