Soybean Variety Portfolio

Soybean Variety Portfolio

NK BRAND Soybeans



2014 NK Seed

Proving It In Soybeans With Syngenta’s Superior Genetic Platform

Syngenta helps soybean growers reach a consistent, sustainable level of yield using the largest and most advanced genetics in the industry. These superior genetics result from Syngenta’s access to more technology than any other seed company resource, which means we bring only the best-of-the-best to market. 

NK-1 Class Soybeans are a superior lineup of NK brand soybeans that have proven to out-yield the competition by up to 6 bushels per acre and outperform competitors 3 out of 4 times.

Only Syngenta offers the
Aphid Management System™ (AMS™), a stewardship approach for aphid control using a tailored combination of elite seed genetics, seed treatments, and crop management solutions to fit the conditions of individual growers’ varied acreage and growing conditions. Further proof that the results exceed expectations.

 Aphid Management System

 Syngenta is the first to market the industry’s first fully-integrated Aphid Management System (AMS) to help soybean growers safely and effectively control yield-robbing aphid infestations.

If left untreated, soybean aphids can overtake soybean plants, spread viruses and reduce yields by 50 percent or more. Aphids can colonize soybean fields quickly and populations can double in two days and reach as high as 1,000 or more aphids per plant.

All NK brand soybean products are available with CruiserMaxx® Beans insecticide/fungicide seed treatment. The proven power of Syngenta soybean genetics, coupled with the disease and pest protection of CruiserMaxx® Beans insecticide/fungicide seed treatment, provides an unsurpassed opportunity for increased yield potential.

Streamlined Seed Delivery
NK brand soybeans will be sold in EZ-Count 140,000 seed count units for the 2011 planting season. The new EZ-Count system provides growers with a more precise and convenient way to order and plant soybean seeds. The EZ-Count system will be used for all packaging including the TruBulk® System available at over 500 locations, Q-Bit® boxes, bulk bags and paper bags providing growers the option to select the delivery method best suited for their operation.

Important: Always read and follow label instructions before buying or using Syngenta products. CruiserMaxx® Beans is one or more separately registered products or combination of products containing the following: CruiserMaxx®; CruiserMaxx® and Apron XL®; Cruiser®, Maxim® and Apron XL; or Cruiser® and an ApronMaxx® brand fungicide, such as ApronMaxx® RTA® + Moly.






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