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AMS (Dry adjuvant)

AMSURF (Dry Adjuvant + NIS)

COC (Crop Oil Concentrate)



Current research and university testing indicate methylated seed oil improves post-emergence herbicides performance.

Use at 1-4 pints per acre (0.4 - 1.5 oz per 1,000 sq.ft) with most post emergent herbicides. Higher Rates may be necessary for some applications.


  • high quality oil and surfactants/emulsifiers
  • high oil and surfactant load with integrated antifoam system
  • rapid penetration of plant leaf tissue
  • more efficient than non-ionic surfactants
  • droplets remain oily longer
  • less viscous than typical plant oils
  • maximum utilization and performance in every drop
  • spreads herbicides and insecticides quickly and evenly over the leaf surface
  • eliminates the need of mixing additional separate additives
  • faster at dissolving leaf cuticle waxes for improved control of larger weeds
  • allows for more efficient herbicide absorption, providing
    consistency over a wide range of environmental conditions, especially under high temperatures and low humidity
  • resists evaporation during application and while on the plant leaf surface, lengthening the time for penetration under extreme heat and low humidity
  • provides easier mixing


N.I.S. (Non-ionic surfactant)

POWERHOUSE (Surfactant)

POWERHOUSE is a water conditioner with a proprietary surfactant blend. POWERHOUSE also contains an antifoaming agent to minimize foaming.

POWERHOUSE may be used with pesticides that either require or suggest the use of ammonium sulfate and/or ammonium sulfate + surfactants as the recommended adjuvant.


(Shake well before using)


POWERHOUSE should be used at 5 – 10 quarts/100 gallons of spray solution (1.25 - 2.5% v/v). Other

adjuvants may be added for deposition, retention and canopy penetration. Always read and follow the specific pesticide label directions, adjuvant suggestions, rates, and mixing instructions.


IMPORTANT - Add POWERHOUSE to the spray tank first before adding any other tank mix product, unless the tank mix pesticide(s) or additives direct otherwise.

Mixing Order

1. Fill tank 1/2 full of water and begin agitation.

2. Add the required amount of POWERHOUSE while agitating.

3. Continue filling spray tank with water and add the tank mix components as directed on the pesticide label(s).

ULTRA-LITE (Surfactant + AMS)

ULTRA-LITE is a liquid formulation of ammonium sulfate and nonionic surfactant in a user-friendly premix. ULTRA-LITE is

designed to be used with any herbicide label that calls for a combination of nonionic surfactant and AMS inclusions.


• Offer faster surfactant wetting and surface tension reduction enhancing herbicide movement through the cuticle on the

leaf surface

• Make herbicide formulations work better by guarding against hard water antagonism

• Add ammonium ions to help increase plant uptake of herbicide through the phloem of the plant

ULTRA-LITE makes herbicides work better, faster and longer than many other adjuvant formulations.


Gallons of ULTRA-LITE Quarts/100 gallons Pounds/100 gallons per 100 gallons Nonionic Ammonium (v/v) of water Surfactant (NIS) Sulfate(AMS)

1.25 gallons 1 pint 4.25 lbs. (0.5% v/v)

2.50 gallons 1 quart 8.50 lbs. (1% v/v)

5.00 gallons 2 quarts 17.0 lbs. (2% v/v)

The amount of ULTRA-LITE to add to a 10 gallon per acre application rate mixture would be:

1. One pint (1 pt.) per acre to get 1 pint NIS v/v and 0.5% v/v of AMS

2. One quart (1 qt.) per acre to get 1 quart NIS v/v and 1% v/v of AMS

3. Two quart (2 qt.) per acre to get 2 quarts NIS v/v and 2% v/v of AMS


Always read and follow specific mixing instructions on the herbicide label.

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