Soybean Variety Portfolio

Viking Seed

**We are not currenty keeping Viking Seed on stock at Riverdale Ag Service. If you would like to order specialty or convention seed, please let us know ahead of time so we can get your order in. Thank You!


Most farmers are growing conventional soybeans as a way to make more money per acre by getting a premium Some farmers are growing conventional soybeans as a way to keep costs down and manage weed resistance.
Our Viking Conventional Soybeans are soybeans with maximum yield potential for their maturity. In our own replicated, multi-site testing program these varieties are showing equivalent yield to the best available Roundup Ready soybean varieties. Plant them with confidence.
Most of the Specialty Non-GMO varieties bring significant premiums to the grower but often do not yield as well as the best available varieties. We encourage you to pencil out the probable return per acre before contracting to grow these varieties.  

Organic Soybean Seed

As one of the first companies in the United States to offer Certified organic soybean seed, Albert Lea Seed has eight years of experience in variety selection and production of organic soybean seed. We wish this experience had given us all the answers, but it hasn’t. It has been very difficult for organic farmers in the upper midwest to get good yields from their organic soybeans. Aphids and weed control are the biggest, but not the only challenges that limit organic soybean yields. We are working hard to introduce soybean varieties that are specifically adapted to organic farming systems and we are excited to offer 5 new organic varieties this year. Please look these over and give us a call if you have any questions.


Soybean Variety Portfolio

NK BRAND Soybeans



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